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Gemstones and crystals have been used throughout the ages across the world in different cultures for their healing and protection properties. Now as people awaken and awareness increases, crystals are in high demand to help with transitioning into a higher spiritual awareness.

Grounding, to keep us balanced is one of the most important aspects of this journey. Anyone embarking on the spiritual path needs to learn grounding before anything else as it calms and protects us from the outside world.

During the lockdown in 2020, I finally got around to putting my 20 plus years experience of grounding, cleansing and clearing into a wonderful course / workshop, to help everyone to become calmer, clearer minded and feel more in control of their environment and life. These techniques that were given to me by spirit. It is for anyone and everyone, from beginner to advanced. Especially for empaths, healers and mediums. Anyone can do the course / workshop. I offer it online and on a one to one basis and I look forward to offering it to groups too.

The course is £65 on a 1 – 1 basis

either via video link or face to face

and £45 in a group of 3 – 5

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