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    Healing , Reiki or Universal Healing is an ancient therapy from time immemorial. It has been used throughout the ages long before modern medicine. It rebalances the chakras, gets your energy flowing and balances mind, body & spirit. Relieves stress and calms both mind and body. Clients may or may not feel sensations during the session. Benefits reported by recipients include deep relaxation promoting a calm, peaceful sense of well being on all levels. Some people feel sensations of heat, tingling, or experience seeing colours, whilst others can have an emotional response, indicating that shifts are taking place, allowing harmony to be restored.

    Gua Sha is fairly new to the western world but has been used for centuries in China. The people of China would use any rounded object, such as a spoon or coin to do the massage. But nowadays we use jade, rose quartz, obsidian or slate tools to perform this technique. It consists of scraping the skin to increase the blood circulation and the lymphatic drainage to encourage the break down of adhesions due to tension, spasm, injury or even surgery. I used it on myself just 2 weeks after my knee replacement and it made an incredible difference to my recovery. To the point that my doctors and surgeon complimented me on recovering above and beyond expectations. I have since introduced many clients who have had knee replacements or surgery to this simple but very effective technique and they have all praised the results.

    What is Gua Sha?

    Gua Sha is a natural, alternative therapy that involves scraping your skin with a massage tool to improve your circulation. This ancient Chinese healing technique may offer a unique approach to better health, addressing issues like chronic pain.

    In gua sha, a technician scrapes your skin with short or long strokes to stimulate microcirculation of the soft tissue, which increases blood flow. They make these strokes with a smooth-edged instrument known as a gua massage tool. The technician applies massage oil to your skin, and then uses the tool to repeatedly scrape your skin in a downward motion.

    Gua Sha is intended to address stagnant energy, called chi, in the body that practitioners believe may be responsible for inflammation. Inflammation is the underlying cause of several conditions associated with chronic pain. Rubbing the skin’s surface is thought to help break up this energy, reduce inflammation, and promote healing.

    Gua Sha is generally performed on a person’s back, buttocks, neck, arms, and legs. A gentler version of it is even used on the face as a facial technique. Your technician may apply mild pressure, and gradually increase intensity to determine how much force you can handle.

    What are the benefits of Gua Sha?

    Gua Sha may reduce inflammation, so it’s often used to treat ailments that cause chronic pain, such as arthritis and fibromyalgia, as well as those that trigger muscle and joint pain.

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    Acupressure is the precursor to acupuncture and is a very ancient healing system. It consists of manipulating meridians and pressure points to rebalance the energy flow and release blockages. Bringing new life back into the body and relieving muscle tension. As it is the mother of acupuncture, everything acupuncture can do, acupressure does it too. I chose to study acupressure because of my needle phobia. So this is the perfect therapy for someone who has an aversion to needles. For the time being I only offer neck, shoulders and back treatments. As covid has brought a halt to studies for the time being. Treatment is given by the practitioner by using the thumb(s), knuckle(s) or a finger to apply a firm but gentle pressure to both local and trigger acupoints on certain parts of the body. This pressure lasts from thirty seconds up to two minutes, after which it is slowly eased off. This procedure may be repeated three to five times. The area around the point may also be massaged or ‘stretched’. Practitioners can apply acupressure massage with you fully clothed on a soft massage table, with sessions lasting usually about an hour.

    What is Acupressure?

    Acupressure, like acupuncture, is a modality of treatment in TCM. It is part of an overall system of preventive medicine and health maintenance that includes herbal remedies, dietary recommendations, regular therapeutic exercise , and the practice of martial arts as well as bodywork. Like acupuncture, acupressure in TCM is based on a pre-scientific theory of energy flow within the body. According to some historians, acupressure in China is thought to have been practiced even earlier than acupuncture and may date as far back as 2000 B.C.

    Acupressure is thought to restore health by clearing or removing energy imbalances in the body. Practitioners of TCM believe that there is a vital force or energy called chi (sometimes spelled qi and pronounced “chee”) that flows through the body and between the skin surface and the internal organs along channels or pathways called meridians. Many practitioners of acupuncture count 12 major and 8 minor meridians, although some count only 14.

    Chi regulates the spiritual, emotional, mental, and physical harmony of the body by balancing two cosmic forces known as yin and yang. These two forces govern the entire universe, not just the human body. Yang, a principle of heat, activity, and brightness, governs the outer portions of the body, whereas yin, a principle of coldness, passivity, and darkness, governs the interior organs. TCM does not try to eliminate either yin or yang but rather seeks to keep them in harmonious balance. Acupressure is used to raise or lower the level of yin or yang in a specific part of the body in order to restore the energy balance. Practitioners of TCM have identified at least 2,000 acupoints (locations on the body used in both acupressure and acupuncture) along the 14 (or 20) meridians that can be stimulated to unblock the flow of chi.


    Grounding properly is fundamental to being balanced and stress free
    In this workshop you will learn how to ground on a permanent basis
    NOT the walk on grass for 5 minutes method
    This method with practice becomes permanent
    Healers, mediums and empaths will benefit greatly by this workshop

    This workshop has been put together from 20 years of experience, practice and knowledge