3 in 1 Taster


Lie back and immerse yourself in a sea of tranquility

A wonderful 3 in 1 taster session of:

  1. 15 acupressure massage, neck & shoulders, which is a very relaxing alternative to acupuncture. Perfect for anyone who has stiff or tension due to stress in the neck and shoulders it releases the muscles, perfect for any office worker or a stressful day.
  2. 15 minutes Gua Sha facial massage. Gua Sha is an ancient Chinese massage technique, often known as coing or spooning, as these were the two utensils used by the natives. Nowadays we use jade, rose quartz, obsidian or slate tools to perform the massage. The gentle invigorating strokes increase the blood flow to the skin and encourage lymphatic drainage boosting the appears of the skin and giving you a clear soft healthy glow. 
  3. 15 minutes Universal healing. Otherwise known as Reiki. Lie back and relax, allowing the healing and all giving love of the Universe to wash away stress and anxiety. 

Home visits welcome 



3 in 1 taster
Healing (15 mins)
Gua Sha facial (15 mins)
& Acupressure neck & shoulders (15 mins)
20th January to 20th February Offer


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