5D Grounding, Cleansing & Clearing workshop

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This workshop is available as a 1 – 1 or group service

It will be carried out online via WhatsApp or Facebook video calling and is 2.5 hours long


Due to the current situation this workshop is only offered online and on a 1 to 1 basis



5D grounding is vital if you are to move forward into the future

This course / workshop is for individuals who wish to understand why they get bogged down with energies and to learn how to free themselves. To live a free more fulfilling life.

As above, as below, this is where your journey begins. Many are still using the old 3D systems for grounding but spirit gave me this system long before we were in 5D energy. If you want to be truly connected and protected, this is the course // workshop for you.

We all need to move forward. To connect to Gaia and the Universe to each be a Tree of Life. Once the connection is completed then we are truly connected and protected. 


Especially put together to help empaths, mediums and healers. But everyone and anyone can benefit from knowing how to cleanse clear and protect themselves. 

This course / workshop has been put together from my personal learning experience and journey over the past 20 years.  I have shared this knowledge with many along the way and all have seen and felt a massive difference after following my advice.

It is a 3 part session.

1) We start with cutting cords and why we need to do this.

2) “Grounding” here you will learn about the differences between grounding techniques. when and how to use them. Clearing negative energy from your energy field. How often and when to clear.

3) And finally balancing your chakras to complete the process.

By the end of the session you will feel the difference.



with the course:

£12 bespoke grounding, protection bracelet of your choice. Normal price £20

I will show you also how to attune your bracelet to your energy.

The method shown can also be used for all crystals and crystal jewellery.

2 reviews for 5D Grounding, Cleansing & Clearing workshop

  1. Fareeda Carroll

    I am a Reiki practioner and had this 1-1 workshop with Johanna. She is an extremely friendly and explains everything step by step for you thoroughly. She is very professional and approachable. I took this course to help me explore my grounding and clearing skills a bit more , improving and expanding on the methods of magnifying them which is very much needed when practicing a healing modality. Definitely a very highly recommended course to do. I felt great afterwards and definitely more in tuned also more informed and knowledgeable.

  2. Caroline Hare

    This experience was the most important change in my life, Johanna is an excellent healer. She explained very clearly before the course started. I knew it was a place that would enable me to relax and focus. The course was explained beautifully and she was very professional. I had grown up very sensitive to other people’s emotionally states but hadn’t really known how to close down or protect myself from different energies. This course was life changing it has helped me understand and help myself more. I would recommend this to everyone. As it has improved my life a great deal…

    • Magikhandscrafts

      Thank you Caroline, I am so pleased to hear that the workshop has given you the support that you needed ??

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