Neck Shoulders & Back Acupressure massage 1hr


During this session your neck and back muscles will undergo a gentle and releasing pressure and massage to release pain, tension and any spasms that you may have. It is advised that if you have an ongoing problem that up to 5 sessions may be needed. Depending on how long you have experienced the issue in question.

Multi bookings do carry a discount.

Book 2 sessions £80 £75 paid and booked in advance

Book 5 sessions £200   £160 paid and booked in advance



A 1 hour session of acupressure. 

Acupressure is the predecessor of acupuncture. It is over 2000 years old   (Chinese -Tui na –   推拿), is an alternative medicine technique using trigger or pressure points to relieve pain and spasmed muscles.

Personally, I have undergone acupressure for a spinal injury and have now fully recovered from a debilitating pain of spasmed muscles for over 6 years. This is what brought me to study and become qualified in this wonderful technique.


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