Crystal Goddess Carvings


Goddess worship and veneration has always been a big part of pagan worship and beliefs. She brings forth love, light, life and renewal of the seasons bringing with her the light and abundance. Having a crystal in her form in your collection brings you the Goddess’s energy and amplifies the crystals’ energy as it has been born from her belly, Gaia.

This beautiful goddess will bring healing and balance to whoever owns her.





These inspiring goddesses stand at around 90mm (9cms) tall so beautiful in her glory. Bringing in an amplified energy of the crystals in which she has been formed. 

Additional information

Weight 72 g
Dimensions 79.95 mm
Goddess carving

purple fluorite 1, purple fluorite 2, rose quartz, clear quartz, aventurine 1, aventurine 2, lepidolite 1, lepidolite 2, lepidolite 3


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