Full Gua Sha facial massage

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A full massage compromises of a 20 minute massage with moisturising cloth mask using the roller, followed by a massage using the scraping tool for a further 20 minutes. Some redness will occur as it brings the blood flow to the surface but fades within a few minutes, occasionally if the there is less circulation to an area the redness can take a little longer to fade.
(Please note: NOT a facial as in cleansing and cleaning)
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45 minutes · £35
This is a very gentle facial massage using a jade roller and a scraper tool to increase blood flow and lymphatic circulation to the dermis of the face.

1 review for Full Gua Sha facial massage

  1. Sharon Sinclair

    Arrived for my Gua Sha feeling rather stressed but I was soon brought back to “calm” thanks to the lovely Johanna and i thoroughly enjoyed my new experience of gua sha…my skin feels better than it ever has. Highly recommended *****

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