Neck and shoulders Acupressure 30 minutes


This session will loosen your neck and shoulders giving you freer and easier movement of the neck and shoulders. Leaving you feeling beautifully relaxed and ready for a good nights’ sleep.

Multi bookings available:

1 session £25

2 sessions paid and booked in advance £45

5 sessions paid and booked in advance £140




Acupressure massage 30 minutes £25 (neck, shoulders)

Acupressure is the predecessor of acupuncture. It is over 2000 years old   (Chinese -Tui na –   推拿), is an alternative medicine technique using trigger or pressure points to relieve pain and spasmed muscles.

Personally, I have undergone acupressure for a spinal injury and have now fully recovered from a debilitating pain of spasmed muscles for over 6 years. This is what brought me to study and become qualified in this wonderful technique.

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