Universal healing with cord cutting 1 hr

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The session will start with a 15 minute, very loving and gentle cord cutting meditation.

Cord cutting is not a scary thing. It simply releases us from energies that drain us or hold us back. Returning our energy gently to us.

Once the meditation is finished the healing session begins.




A relaxing and healing session in your own home or a therapy room. The session will consist of a cord cutting meditation, followed by a healing session.

Cords attach to us through places, situations or people. To cut cords on a regular basis is an effective and easy way to keep your energy from being drained. As a result you will have more energy and vitality to go about your daily life. 


2 reviews for Universal healing with cord cutting 1 hr

  1. Morgan Claire Beenham

    Had a wonderful reiki treatment from Johanna this afternoon, I would totally recommend, she has a wonderful connection to energy work, and very intuitive. Total ‘Magik Hands’, and has left me feeling centred and still, Thank you, feel like a new woman, completely awesome 5/5 will definitely want another treatment in future, thank you so much ♥️
    26 February 2019

  2. Jeanette tyers

    Hi everyone. I met lovely Johanna at Urban Zen Hub and explained my frozen shoulder which I’ve suffered with for 9 months After a lot of acupuncture and physio I’m now under Johanna’s care.This morning I’ve had the Gua Sha treatment and initially very painful ,the pain has now let up .I thoroughly recommend Johanna xxxxx

    • Magikhandscrafts

      Thank you Jeanette, It’s a pleasure to be able to help you through your recovery… Johanna

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